Friday, June 6, 2008

Know and tell friday

.Who would you rather be for a day: your best friend or your worst enemy?
.Could you work with your best friend?
.Do you think it would be a blast or a nightmare to blog with a friend?
.Could you share an email account with any of your friends?
.You have a day to take a friend out and have fun. Describe the day.
.Could you switch lives with a good friend? What would you find to be better/easier/nicer than your own life, and what would be really difficult for you?
.Bonus Non-Friend Related Question:
Are there any of these products you might be willing to eat?

1. my best friend Reese from kickin it in crazyville
2. I think so
3. to share in something so fun as blogging would be a tresure to me
4. yeah I could
5. a sunny day with a picnic just the two of us at a park or the beach remembering old times and making plans for the future and making memories of all of it.
6. no I would never wish my life on anyone

7. no way

1 comment:

Heather & Reese said...

I'm with you on the not-eating-bug thing! Someone else noticed freeze-dried cinnamon apples there somewhere- I'd eat that! But, come on, if we were having a fun girl's day out and we happened to be in Mississippi and the waiter brought us complimentary alligator bites, you'd at least try them. Right? Billie? Heellllooo....


Some day soon you'll come here, or I'll be there and we'll have that friend's day out. Something nice to look forward too!